Romer Hotels

Romer Hotels

Highgate approached us with the task of developing a completely revamped website for their latest venture in the hospitality sector, Romer. This brand transcends conventional hospitality by not merely providing guests with a comfortable place to stay but by encapsulating the essence of the local neighborhood. The objective is to curate an unparalleled experience for anyone seeking the genuine warmth of a local mom-and-pop atmosphere, coupled with top-tier amenities and exceptional service.



in the wild

in the wild

editorial meets digital

The primary objective of the website is to ensure that Romer's digital representation resonates with the distinctive characteristics of each neighborhood it occupies. Both our team and the client loved the approach of showcasing specific local artists, vendors, and individuals within each community across the site. By spotlighting the unique things in each neighborhood, we aimed to position Romer as a staple in the community who is intimately connected to the vibrant offerings of each locale.

Opting for a slightly editorial approach, we embraced a unique grid and drew inspiration from editorial design principles to guide our decision-making. This strategy allows us to visually communicate the depth of our engagement with each neighborhood and underscores Romer's commitment to being a source of insight into all the exciting activities within the area.





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